Last month at a hospital in Phoenix Arizona there was a rape incident that has pushed many Long Term Care facilities to have some type of Video Surveillance.

The Arizona Legislature is thinking about providing Long Term Care facilities with video surveillance systems. A Hacienda Healthcare nurse was arrested and charged with sexual assault and adult abuse for raping and impregnating an incapacitated patient. The victim was a long time patient at the facility and is 29 years old. The staff at Hacienda did not know that she was even pregnant until she was in labor.

Arizona is trying to rally other states who have laws that allow video surveillance inside of their facilities in hopes to stop this kind of abuse from happening to these patients. There are already 10 states that currently allow video surveillance technology to be placed inside these facilities.

The founder of Foundation Aiding the Elderly, Carole Herman, says that putting these types of surveillance systems inside these facilities could have possibly helped her aunts case who died of bedsores in a nursing home not long ago. Having cameras provides safety and allows these patients to be fully taken cared of. The cameras can show how often a nurse goes in to check on patients and if someone is staying on top of the proper care that they need.

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