Planning for you own long-term care can seem like a dutiful task. It appears there is so much unknown information to absorb that knowing where to start can seem nearly impossible. Found below are three secrets to shopping for long-term care insurance that everyone should note.

Know your risk

Although we will all inevitably age , there are different factors which we can assess to help us determine our potential length or type of care needed when it comes to long-term care. We can easily consider our own health as well as family history such as health conditions and family illnesses. Is your family prone to certain diseases? Do these disease require special care or put you at a higher risk for needing long-term care? Assessing your risk can help you make decisions when selecting benefits and coverage for your own long-term care insurance policy.


Premiums continue to rise as insurers are able to raise premiums on policyholders even after they have purchased a policy. Insurers may raise premiums on policyholders due to errors in calculation on estimated claims versus the actual filed claims. More often than not, you can expect your premium to rise. This is why it is especially important to budget for potential rate increases and ensure that you select a plan which is actually affordable to you. There exists a vast majority of information surrounding different types of long-term care policies and insurers. Find a licensed professional to help you compare and gage the different types of plans out there.

Purchase now

If you have assessed your own risk, personal finances, and have determined that you will likely need long-term care, it is wise to act sooner than later. Once you have decided you may wish to put a policy in place, it is advised you contact a professional to help you gather research on which type of policy may be best for you. Once you have found a plan that works best for you, you will want to purchase sooner than later, as your premium will go up in conjunction with your age at the time of underwriting. Purchasing at a younger age may also help increase your likelihood of being in good health thorough-out the underwriting process.

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