Colder weather brings more sick days

With the first official day of fall right around the corner there are lots of exciting happenings to come such as, fall festivals, Halloween, and apple picking outings! Another less exciting fall occurence is the higher likeliness you may catch a cold, virus, or other illness. With viruses thriving most in colder less humid temps, more indoor close proximity interactions, and less sunlight exposure, these illnesses tend to skyrocket in the colder months. Although more flu’s, colds, and viruses occur in the fall and winter there are still proper steps you can take to help reduce your chances for getting sick.


1.Wash your hands even more that usual

As previously highlighted viruses typically have a higher chance for survival among cooler and darker temps. Washing your hands more regularly during these colder seasons may help you wash away any lingering viruses you may come into contact with.

2. Eat Well

Those most likely to get sick are those with weakened immune systems at the time of infection. Strengthening and maintaining your immune system can reduce your chance of contracting a virus and improve your body’s ability to fight off the virus or produce milder symptoms if infected. Certain foods will contain vitamins and minerals which can aid your body with a stronger immune system.

3. Use a humidifier

With colder temperatures often comes dryer air and thriving viruses. Dry air within your home can lack humidity and thus dry out your nasal passages. Dryer nasal passages are more susceptible to infection as viruses have an easier time passing through them with fewer moisture molecules to trap them.

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