Having to be a caregiver for a loved one or a family member is a huge task and can have some heavy burdens. The topic of Long Term Care is rising more nowadays especially with younger generations who want to be prepared and protect their assets. If your parents or loved ones are in good health and are over the age of 50 the possibility for having long term care is a great idea for them to invest in.

If your parents or loved ones are slowing down in life and having troubles with everyday tasks here are some tips on how to help them.

  1. If you live close to them consider helping maintain basic house needs. Making sure that the house is a safe environment as well as providing any extra safety precautions. Things like improving the lighting, adding handrails in bathrooms and wherever they are needed, and making items closer for easier reach. Make sure that their home is “fall-proof” and there are no slippery rugs, long cords to trip over, and plenty of room between furniture to move around easily.
  2. Make sure if they are no longer able to drive that they have a great way of transportation setup for them. A lot of churches will provide services and shuttles to take elderly around. Also things such as Uber or Lyft can be helpful as well.
  3. Are they eating enough healthy food? Make sure that if they are not able to shop at the grocery store alone that they are purchasing things that they will eat and that are good for them.
  4. Go to doctor visits with them if you live nearby. Making sure to take notes and help them with any medications that they may need.
  5. Dental and personal hygiene care are important. Make sure that if they need help getting dressed, a bath started, or a schedule to remind them to take care of these issues that you are assisting as much as you can.

If your loved one or family members need for help is greater than you can manage you should consider talking with them about the different options that they have for help.