Travis Walsh describes traveling with elderly to be “lots of love and laughter.” He travels with two elderly women who are in their 80’s. He loves to travel and enjoys being with these women but there are a few things you have to take into consideration when traveling with elderly. Here’s some of his advice for traveling with elderly:

  1. Mobility with activities: This is a major consideration if you are planning any kind of activity that require a lot of walking. He says when they traveled to Japan that some of the tea ceremonies required guests to sit on the floor. He had to lift them up off of the floor to stand back up. Plan ahead so that you know what type of activities will be enjoyed for everyone.
  2. Get physically prepared: Try to make sure that everyone is getting the proper exercise before traveling. Traveling can be physically demanding and if you are not prepared ahead of time it can take a big toll on your body. Try walking 30 mins, swimming, or even some weight lifting exercises to prepare yourself.
  3. Pack light: Sometimes when traveling you have to catch different flights, trains, or even Ubers and when you pack heavy luggage it’s can be challenging to run all over the place with it. Try and pack light and only bring the essentials that you will need on the trip. Allow yourself extra time so you are not rushing in between travel destinations.
  4. Plan to rest: With all the different sights to see, foods to taste, and landscape to take in it can be overwhelming. Jet lag can be very strenuous on the body if you are going out of the country. Make sure that you take the time to rest and take breaks. Keep hydrated as well.
  5. Create memories: Take time to do things that you would want to do. Take lots of pictures and enjoy where you are. You will keep these memories for a lifetime.


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