According to a recent study from King’s College London and the University of Exeter using puzzles or crossword puzzles can help keep your brain sharp. Exercising the mind with these types of activities will create sharper minds and help engage our brains.

Data collected from this study had close to 20,000 adults over the age of 50 who would regularly use mind puzzles. The more that these elders would use crossword puzzles or play Sudoku were found to have higher brain functions. The ones who were engaging in these activities had the brain function that was compared to someone who was 10 years younger than them. Also their short term memory was compared to someone would was 8 years younger.

When you use a crossword puzzle you are using both the left and right sides of your brain. The right side is where your creative and sensitive thoughts are processed while the left side is where the logical reasoning and commands are made. This is a great workout for your brain and allows seniors to have a sharp memory and judgement.

In another study by the University of California they found that when a individual engages in these types of cognitive exercises that it may help prevent aging of the brain and perhaps even slow down the process of Alzheimer’s disease.

Not only are these crossword puzzles helping to sharpen the brain they also have benefits like; lowering stress levels, keeping you social, boost your memory, and possibly prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Seniors that struggle with memory loss or dementia can sometimes find it difficult to feel relaxed or productive with their days. Try doing more activities that stimulate your brain and train your memory to be sharp.

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