Beach getaways with parents

Beach vacations may look a little different as of lately, given the many current travel restrictions. Additionally so, beach vacations with an elderly loved one might always look a little different than your typical solo beach getaway. When traveling with an elderly parent or loved one, it is important to consider their safety and or any limitations they may face along your trip. There are many factors to consider such as distance, mobility, activities, and any health concerns. Whether you are choosing to travel with an elderly loved one now or on the near future here are a list of factors to consider for a enjoyable trip for all:

*Disclaimer: Please note that you should also pay close attention to your city’s or destination city’s CDC and social distancing guidelines*

Consider your destination

When selecting a destination for your beach getaway you should consider the travel time to get their as well as your means of transportation. Ask yourself can your senior loved one handle a lengthy plane or car ride? Consider snack breaks and restroom breaks along the way. If possible, pack a cooler full of plenty of water and healthy snacks that are easily accessible. You should also consider the weather and any advisories for your destination. Make sure you also consider any mobility limitations when selecting your desired activities for each day. Avoid any strenuous or  extreme conditions for all activities. Consider the best time of day to hit the beach and avoid excess heat exposure for your loved one. Also consider your surroundings, some individuals with dementia may be disturbed by crowded an noisy beaches.

Be Prepared

When traveling with and elderly loved one especially those with medical conditions, it is important to come prepared at all times. You should always keep on hand medical and identification charts as well as any necessary prescriptions. Make sure your beach has handicap accessible features should you need and keep on hand plenty of sunscreen, umbrellas, and water to shelter from harsh sunlight. If possible set up near a lifeguard station and never leave your elderly loved one alone for extended periods of time.

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