Time for a change?

It is no secret that many of us are creatures of habit and therefore, it is no surprise that we become increasingly more habitual as we age. Having developed routines or sometimes lack of routine in which we have been participating in for countless years, can make inspiring change seem slightly difficult. Nonetheless, making small changes to your lifestyle can amount to a positive difference in your overall life. Many of us refuse change due to countless reasons including lack of time however, changing your lifestyle and at home habits can help with your future health and wellness. Consider using your recent downtime to consider incorporating these small changes which could result in an increase in your quality of life. After-all, many of our habitual choices come to play a large role in our quality of life. Here are two small changes that you can start making to help you simplify and thrive in your daily routine;

Diet & Fitness

As far as diet and fitness, making the right choices here can inspire huge benefits for your health. You should consult your physician and dietician before incorporating a new diet however a popular suggestion for you to try may be the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet is centered around proteins both lean and loaded with good fats for the body and brain. As far as exercise goes, if you are not currently moving it’s important to start! Don’t focus too much on how often and how long your exercise routine should look, simply focus on starting somewhere. Eventually overtime you will start to see many benefits and results. Remember that working out is not a quick fix, it’s a journey that has an amazing outcome for not only your body but your mind as well.Aim to create a fitness schedule to help you stay consistent. Incorporate workouts that help build your strength, muscles, strengthen  your balance, and flexibility. There are countless options which allow you to complete a workout in the privacy and safety of your own home. Between fitness apps, streaming videos, or even Youtube tutorials, there exist plenty of options for those sheltering in place.


Another change would be to improve your safety features in your home. Adding safety features like handrails, smart home gadgets, or skid-resistant mats can help prevent injuries and even falls. If your home has clutter and is hard to walk around try organizing more and putting things in a place that is easier for you to reach. Make sure that there are no cords lying around that would be easy to trip over and fall. You might have to move around some furniture to create more space to walk around.

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