It is no secret that stress can be well….. stressful! Too much stress can start to reap negative effects on the body and this is why managing stress as we age, can become crucial to healthy aging. Seniors who are suffering from chronic stress will likely suffer from a decreased quality of life which could deteriorate their physical condition as well as create mental health problems. Avoiding stressors is easier said than done as there are many daily tasks which can elicit stress in seniors however, there are also many techniques and methods used for managing stress.

A great and simple way to manage your stress levels is  through the use of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy involves the use of essential oils  derived from aromatic plant extracts which are known to help reduce individual stress levels. These oils and plants help relax/calm the body and mind making for a wonderful therapeutic experience, you may consider adding essential oils to your bath or massage routine. Not only is this a great way for seniors to destress but it can also creates a peaceful environment for all habitants of a home.

There exist a variety of smells that essential oils are available to you in and these varying oil scan serve a multitude of purposes for the body and the mind. The effects of these oils can help improve overall health and well-being. A recent study  concluded that lavender had the calming effects similar to those of prescription anti-anxiety medication. Some of the known benefits of utilizing essential oils are; better sleep, reduced stress levels, improved digestion, reduced depression and anxiety, and reduced pain levels in the body. Lucky for you, the majority of these oils are also pretty inexpensive, consider gifting yourself some oils this holiday season.

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