If you are planing on saving a lot of your retirement funds planning ahead of time for Long Term Care insurance is highly beneficial. Traditional costs for long term care insurance are usually self funding, long term care insurance, a hybrid policy, hybrid policy with a long term care rider or Medicaid for those who don’t have many assets and low incomes.

Understanding your potential risks and costs can help save the initial impact that these costs have for a family. When it comes to things like home care, 80% of the care is given by unpaid family members.

Philip Lubinski, co-founder of IncomeConductor, allows financial advisors to track and manage customized income plans. The software program uses higher than average inflation assumptions for long term care costs. Instead of using average inflation predictions of 3%, the software adjusts to 6% to make sure that anticipated long term care costs are covered. IncomeCondutor is able to model any concerns that a person might have, while automating analytics for advisors so that they are able to manage their clients life essentially.