New studies reveal that Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training or (IMST) can improve your blood pressure health and lower your risk for heart attack. IMST was also shown to enhance individual’s cognitive skills as well as reflexes in a study presented at the annual Experimental Biology Conference in Florida.

Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training involves the strength training of the muscles utilized during breathing. This technique is strengthened using a hand held device referred to as a inspiratory muscle trainer, which helps train the muscled. Inspiratory muscle trainers were originally introduced in 1980s to aide people suffering from respiratory problems. This device was developed to offer a solution for respiratory issues similar to that of a clean diet and regular exercise. This solutions offered patients the same benefits of a major and timely life change in a much concise period of time with minimal physical effort.

The trial was conducted over a 6 week period, in which the effects of IMST on sleep apnea and blood pressure were observed, all participants utilized the device daily.  The study revealed that those who used the device to perform 30 inhalations a day, experienced improvement on respiratory issues exceeding far above those using medication only. Experts then went on to observe that results from the IMST additionally, far exceeded the results of those who incorporated 30 minutes of real time exercise a day, when it came to offering respiratory relief.

These results have influenced many researchers to conduct further investigation on the possible benefits of IMST. In a similar study involving IMST, blood pressure levels improved for all patients over the age of 50. IMST also revealed to help the participants perform longer and faster on a treadmill while maintaining their heart rate and oxygen consumption low.

IMST is a technique which can easily be performed within the comfort of your home or desired location and requires no need for gym attire. The benefits of doing this could lead to lower blood pressure and even boost and sharpen your cognitive functions and physical performance along the way.

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