In the United States and just last year alone, over 10 million individuals required some type of long term care assistance. The median age for the majority of these individuals was between the ages of 50-65 years old therefore, it is safe to assume that many individuals between these ages will continue to need long term care.

Long term care is designed for people who require additional assistance with some of to all of their daily living activities. These tasks vary from simple to more complex such as getting dressed, bathing, preparing food, transportation, eating, or administering medications. This type of care is typically provided when a person can no longer perform these tasks for themselves and requires a helper. These caretakers can perform various tasks including help with tasks around the house. These tasks may also include shopping for food or clothes, taking care of pets, or any type of housework that the person is no longer able to perform on their own.

There are various common factors that will play a role into determining if you or someone you love may need long term care. The first thing to note is that the longer you live, the more likely it is you will require some type of support.  Another thing to note is, typically women will outlive men by up to five years therefore, they are increasingly likely to need long term care. Most importantly you should be aware that any type of chronic illness or accident you suffer will likely result in the need for long term care as you age. Family history, poor diet, lack of exercise, and chronic health conditions can also be factors in increasing the likelihood of your long term care needs.

It’s suggested we all conduct thorough research to find out how to best prepare for our futures and in case we may need long term care. If you or a loved one is interested in Long Term Care Insurance be sure to checkout: LTC TREE for more information.