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Protein matters

As we age the importance of maintaining our general health is vital, as it factors into seemingly everything regarding our quality of life through the aging years . Perhaps, this is why many of us aim to put in place healthier eatings habits. Some of us may even consult a health coach or nutritionist to better understand recommended serving sizes as well as necessary nutrients to reach specific goals. If you have done so before, you’ve probably found that consuming an adequate amount of protein was a main focus set for you. You may have also found that reaching your recommended amount of protein was perhaps the hardest goal to fulfill. You should also note that many scientists are also saying that older adults should be eating even More protein to help slow down the negative effects of aging.

Aid in muscle growth

This can be an increasingly difficult task seeing as how the older we get the less efficiently our bodies begin to absorb protein. Nonetheless, we should add an increased focus on achieving our protein goals, as scientists say that even the healthiest of seniors could  benefit from even more protein. Protein is crucial in maintaining muscle strength and mass which becomes even more important as we age. Up to one third of seniors are not consuming the proper amount of protein and should be eating more than they were at a younger age. This is why instilling an adequate protein diet now could benefit you later.

Recommended amount

Some factors standing in the way between adequate protein consumption and seniors are reduced appetite, problems swallowing, dental issues, and limited finances. It is important that seniors find ways to overcome this issue as a recent study shows that seniors not receiving the proper protein intake, are more likely to loose daily functioning. These functions rage from daily tasks such as getting out of bed, getting dressed, making food or even taking a bath. The study observed that over 2500 seniors over a span of 23 years, those who regularly consumed recommend protein,  were 30% less likely to loose daily functioning abilities. The recommended intake that is standard is the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance): 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight each day.

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