Bread on the rise

Sourdough bread not only tastes great but it’s also the healthiest bread option for you! That’s right sourdough bread can provide numerous health benefits to you. Perhaps that is why it’s recent market value has drastically increased within the past two years.

Sourdough bread is typically made up of three simple ingredients which include salt, flour, and sourdough starter. The sourdough starter is made up of a good amount of fermented yeasts and bacteria which can be beneficial to your gut. This fermentation process is what makes it healthier than other breads. While all breads contain nutrients like magnesium and calcium, our bodies  not able to absorb nutrients as easily from different kinds of bread. However, sourdough is the easiest bread for our body to digest as well as absorb nutrients from. Due to this, this bread is often most friendly for those with digestive issues or other food intolerances. In general, sourdough bread is typically a healthier alternative to white and wheat breads and here’s why:

  • More Easily Digested
  • Contains Prebiotics
  • More absorbable minerals
  • Less bloating

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