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Happier Lately?

Are you in or near your 40’s and suddenly feeling more relaxed and taking part in the finer things in life? Are you wondering where all your previous anxieties and stress have disappeared off to? You may be thinking,” lately as my age goes up, I find myself feeling more content”. Well you’re not alone as new surveys reveal that most people start to really relax and enjoy life more-so in their mid 40’s and onward! Many people noted their 20’s and 30’s as chaotic times of trying to build careers, obtain property, and raise children. Many found that as they aged past 40, life began to slow down and unwind. Some of the driving factors behind their relaxed feelings now in their 40’s were associated with, adult children, financial stability, stabilized debt, and good health.  Found below are some reason your 40’s and onward may be the best time in your life.

Career Stability

Many accredited their newfound zen to a more stable career path as they recalled working tirelessly for such in their 20-30’s. Many also recalled lower salaries and putting in extra hours to achieve new promotions that have since then become reality. By mid 40’s many individuals have by then climbed the corporate ladder accompanied by higher salaries and more confidence in their overall job capabilities. Others also expressed their newfound happiness to stem from the joy of finally obtaining their dream home and no longer having to rent and move from apartment to apartment, as they once did. Many individuals recounted owning their 3rd and final “dream” home by age 50 and the sense of pride it followed.

Travel Dreams Fulfilled

Another key factor to note was the amount of people who felt they now had more stable relationships than they once did in their 20’s and 30’s. Stating that they felt less stressed  by no longer having to date or deal with painful breakups, some found that even after finding their spouse by their 30’s, they still felt the pressure to start a family. By late 40’s many stated they no longer felt that pressure as most of their children were now grown and they felt their marriages were also stronger than ever. The majority also spoke on how all of these factors combined; higher income, adult children, established careers, and more time off, has truly allowed them to fulfill their long-time travel and leisure dreams, once longed for in their younger years. Many individuals aged 45 and up stated that they now take up to 5-6 vacations a year as opposed to the 1-2 taken in their 20’s and 30’s.

This goes to show that no matter what stage of life you are approaching, there is always something to plan for and look forward to. If you or someone you love is interested in Long Term Care or Long Term Care Insurance be sure to visit: LTC TREE for more information.