Inevitably, we will all age and thus, we will all likely begin to require some degree of help with daily activities as well. Some of us will not be afflicted by severe cognitive decline however, some of us will and ALL of our bodies will eventually start to weaken. Many of us like to think that we will never require any type of Long Term Care or that we can perhaps continue to push it off until absolutely necessary. The problem with this is, if you plan to live a long life, you will absolutely need long term care and you want to be ready before you actually need it not when you need it most. If you plan on acquiring any type of long term care insurance to help with the future costs of care, you want to do so when you are healthiest as it will ensure a better premium. If you are considering whether your or a loved one will need long term care there are certain factors to consider.

If you or a loved one is experiencing excessive weight loss, decreased hygiene , or a messier home than usual determine if this is due to an increased difficulty trying to execute these tasks alone. Is your quality of life beginning to decline? Would a little help go a long way? If you answered yes that is okay, in fact almost everyone will need some help as they step into the late stages of adulthood! It is best to be proactive and help yourself by letting others help you so that you may live a more enjoyable long life. If you have seen an elderly loved one struggle at this stage in life evaluate whether added help would benefit them. Lastly, accept that aging is inevitable however, you can better equip and prepare yourself for a full and long life!

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