Great news, scientist recommend that those aged over 60 consume one glass of wine per day! According to multiple studies, those who consume about 6 alcoholic beverages a week have a significantly better memory than those who do not drink at all or those who over consume alcohol. Not only is it safe for the elderly to practice drinking in moderation but in fact it serves certain benefits exclusively to the elderly that it does not to younger individuals. Wine was found to preserve the region of the brain responsible for cognition and memory specifically in those 6o and over but serve no effect on memory in the middle aged . Red wine in particular has also been linked to positive heart health as it contain many antioxidants which help protect against coronary artery disease. These antioxidants also help promote good cholesterol while lowering the chances of cholesterol build up. All these benefits give us all then more reason to enjoy a glass of sweet red however, please take into account your individual medical history and consult with your doctor before incorporating a daily glass of wine to your diet. It is important to remember that alcohol is best consumed in moderation as too much alcohol can result in the following issues listed below.


Alcohol abuse may result in:

Do Not drink if:

  • Have a personal or strong family history of alcoholism
  • Have a liver or pancreas disease
  • Have a weak heart


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