Yogurt & health

Yogurt is loaded with Calcium, probiotics, B Vitamins, and Zinc, making it a healthy snack choice for all! This tasty treat can also be supplemented with vitamin D and is overall nutrient dense, making it an ideal snack for aging seniors. Aging seniors are often lacking in nutritional profiles and as a result will often suffer from deficiencies and other health complications. Different yogurts can help deliver these nutrients in a convenient and easy to consume way for seniors.  Yogurt has a fairly long shelf life and is easy to swallow as it eliminated the need for chewing which  may be difficult for some older adults. It is also worth noting that yogurt is also suitable for lactose intolerant individuals as opposed to other dairy products which can cause upset. Multiple observational studies can attest to the positive health effects of yogurts on the elderly.

Aging is linked to a loss in bones density as well as as a decline in muscle mass which calls for an increase in protein and calcium intake both of which yogurt is plentiful in. Those who regularly consume yogurt are also more likely to display healthy dietary habits overall, reducing the risk for obesity. In conclusion, yogurt is tasty, easy to consume, and has been linked to many positive health effects displayed in seniors with the top six listed below:

  • Stronger Bones
  • Heart Health
  • Weight Management
  • Immunity Booster
  • Healthy Gut
  • Better Digestion


You can even easily pack other nutrients into your yogurt such as blueberries,nuts, granola, or collagen peptides for extra protein. If you are looking for an additional protein boost you can also consider mixing some protein powder into your daily yogurt blend. Other ideas include to incorporate yogurt into your favorite smoothie or shakes. Yogurt can also be used to help seniors who have difficulty swallowing pills get pills down easier.

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