Zora Bots, a Belgian company, has designed a unique humanoid robot known as “Zora”. The Zora Bots are the first humanoid robots that are available for senior healthcare. Many healthcare professionals and seniors all over Europe have adopted over 200 of these bots.

Photograph by Dmitry Kostyukov

The Zora application is being used in senior healthcare facilities, as customer service in hotels, and in schools to help young autistic children. Zora Bots is creating a company that offers a new retail experience. The purpose of these robots are to make life simpler, smarter, and allows these bots to be highly useful in everyday functions. “The Zora bots cares about people and makes technology care too,” says former Zora Robotics Company.

Patients at a hospital in France have been living with Zora everyday and loving it. Some patients even refer to Zora as a “he” or “she” and look forward to their time with their favorite robot. Patients that suffer from Dementia or loneliness have grown very close to this bot. A recent study showed the affects of Zora being in their facility and showed a significant number of patients whose overall mood had changed. Zora will come and lead exercises or fun activities. The bot also spend some time at the Jouarre hospital going from room to room spending personal time with each patient all day. According to some nurses at the hospital nothing will ever replace human touch or care, but Zora is sure winning over many hearts in their hospital.