She’s a ‘Baby-Boomer”!!

As a Military dependent, Garrett grew up all over the country – and in fact, the world. This life experience developed a passion for learning and a unique insight for helping others. Her education includes: Master’s Degree in Communication from St Mary’s University, San Antonio, TX. * BA-Education College of Santa Fe, New Mexico, * BFA-Marketing Cameron University, Oklahoma and HIA, CLTC, LTCP and She is licensed in all 50 states including District of Columbia as well as licensed for all Partnership Plans.garrett

Garrett retired from USAA’s Financial Services Department and has been helping people with Long Term Care for over 21 years. She has been a very active Seminar Speaker, Professional Trainer and Manager for Long Term Care Sales. She now works for the country’s Number One Virtual LTC Agency: LTC Tree.

She knows not everyone needs a Long Term Care Policy, but everyone needs a Long Term Care Plan! Garrett lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband Marc and their two completely adorable and totally spoiled Toy Poodles: Ayla and Xena.