The founders of LTC Tree, Darrick Wilkins and Drew Nichols, are available for media and news interviews on a wide range of Long Term Care topics.  If you are a member of a media and have an article or story you are working on in the Long Term Care Insurance industry, you may be able to set up a time with them for an interview.  They can provided years of combined expertise in the Long Term Care Insurance industry and give you a unique tech-savvy based angle.

Darrick and Drew pioneered the high-tech “virtual” Long Term Care sales process with no face to face meeting over 10 years ago when doubters said it was not possible.  We also have proprietary Long Term Care Insurance statistics and data that we are able to provide.  We are happy to help with your stories, we just ask that you source LTC Tree in the article and provide a link back to our site so readers can learn more about us if they like.

For media inquiries please email media relations: kdorr “at” or call 1-800-800-6139 Ext 110.