LTC Tree’s roots date back to 1995 when we were actually a technology company.  The internet was just beginning to grow in 1995 and Drew Nichols, our co-President, saw an opportunity to develop one of the first web-hosting companies in the United States.  That business thrived until the early 2000’s when web-hosting became more commoditized so Drew began to look into other ways to grow his company.

Darrick Wilkins, Drew’s cousin, had started LTC Tree around 1999 and was looking to bring cutting edge technology and convenience to a very “old-school” of thought industry.  The two cousins decided to merge companies and developed the LTC Tree we have today.

From our early days we always tried to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and ask how would we want to be treated if we were buying Long Term Care Insurance?  The answers we always came back to was objective advice on all the companies and a no pressure environment when reviewing.  We were able to develop of patent pending sales process by blending the proper amount of technology into an admittedly complex financial instrument.

LTC Tree’s DNA is a fusion of technology with a age-old common sense customer experiences.  Learn more about our laid-back and efficient process here.  

To the right is what you will be sent via Fed Ex, our patented LTC Tree green binder, which will be full of quotes and information from all the top blue chip companies that you can review on your own time.  LTCTree Green Binder