We often tell people that the cost of waiting to buy long term care insurance is high, which is why we recommend people begin looking at policies in their 40s and purchase in their early 50s. To give a better idea of just how significant the difference in cost is as you age, we have compiled a chart to help simplify the details.

This chart explains how much the average 55 year old woman would pay for a policy and displays the increase in cost of a policy over time, until age 65.

Age of Purchase Benefit Amount Premium Premiums Paid to Age 90 Cost of Waiting
50 $150 $2,151 $75,296 $0
57 $165 $2,745 $90,582 $15,286
59 $182 $3,438 $106,565 $31,269
61 $201 $4,350 $126,137 $50,841
63 $222 $5,530 $149,299 $74,004
65 $244 $6,906 $172,647 $97,351



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