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  • Alzheimer’s Risk in Women

Gene Variant Increases Alzheimer’s Risk in Women

By |April 23, 2014|Categories: Breaking News, Retirement Planning|Tags: , , |

A specific gene variant dramatically increases the risk of Alzheimer’s in women, according to a new study out of Stanford University.

Alzheimer’s Research

As the prevalence of Alzheimer’s continues to rise amidst increasing life spans, testing of the disease and any significant risk factors has become a priority of many researchers.

The desire to find useful indicators of the disease is at the forefront of many studies as scientists strive to discover an effective course of prevention, treatment, or a cure. Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine dove deeper into the genetic side of Alzheimer’s disease to determine the impact that[…]

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  • High Levels of Estrogen

High Levels of Estrogen May Increase Dementia Risk

By |February 5, 2014|Categories: Breaking News|Tags: , |

High levels of estrogen in older women may be a significant risk factor for dementia, according to new research.

French Study

Researchers in France were interested in the effect of estrogen on dementia risk and conducted a study to determine whether there was any connection. The researchers analyzed data from a previous study including more than 5,600 postmenopausal women aged 65 and older. They measured the estrogen levels of the women who participated in the study and used this data to form the baseline of their research.

Four years after the initial data evaluation, the researchers compared the estrogen levels of 543[…]

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