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Long-Term Care Insurance & Waiting

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Those who wait may become uninsurable

When it comes to long term care insurance, those who wait until care is absolutely necessary to opt for coverage will usually fall into the uninsurable category. This end result typically results in, a declining individual in need of serious care who is now faced with steep costs and little means to cover it. The reason for this is that most insurers will require a medical underwriting exam before extending coverage meaning the state of your health will directly impact your eligibility as well as your overall[…]

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When is it Time to Use my Long-Term Care Policy?

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Using Your Long-Term Care Policy

Perhaps, your parents are suddenly receiving late payments notifications for bills they swear they’ve paid. Maybe they’re also forgetting a pill here or there and the house seems a bit messier than usual? Is it possible it has come a time where they may now need some extra help and/or care?Determining and discussing with your parents at which age they may now require long-term care can be a challenging subject for many. After all, they may not even be showing any serious sign of cognitive decline so, how[…]

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