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Furniture Matters if You Plan to Age at Home

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Furnishing for the future?

Furnishing your space can add style, warmth, and functionality to your living quarters. Afterall, if you need somewhere to sleep, sit, and eat you might as well make selections you enjoy. The furniture shopping experience can vary for all. What some may find fun others may find dutiful however,  perhaps we can all agree that we tend to consider price and aesthetics when selecting our furniture, but what about our age? The truth is when selecting a piece of furniture, we don’t typically evaluate “will this be easy to[…]

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  • Crucial as You Age

Organizing Especially Crucial as You Age

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Decluttered home & mind

Keeping your home decluttered, tidy, and organized can help you feel less stressed as well as improve the overall safety of your home. Messy homes can lead to unnecessary falls and also leave you unable to find many important items. We may not give it much thought, but improving the flow in our homes through simple organization, can vastly improve our everyday living experiences. As you age and begin to spend more time in your home, you may find that your current “organizational system”, within your home is a actually[…]

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