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California Encourages Long Term Care Preparation with Partnership Policies

By |June 10, 2014|Categories: Buying Tips, Government, Insurance Industry, Retirement Planning, States|Tags: , , |

Planning for long term care isn’t as simple as setting money aside and being done with it, especially in states where care costs more than the national average. California is one of those states and residents can benefit significantly from taking the time to prepare for long term care costs in advance. The California Partnership for Long-Term Care provides a way to help Californians plan for the expenses associated with long term care without breaking the bank.

Long Term Care Expenses

The California Medi-Cal system currently pays for the majority of long term care facility expenses throughout the state. With the “Silver[…]

California Legislation Tightens Requirements for Home Care Workers

By |October 15, 2013|Categories: Breaking News, Government, Retirement Planning|Tags: , , |

People receiving care at home often find health aides through home health agencies in their area. For some time, many of these agencies and workers have gone largely unregulated in most states. California passed a law this week to enact stricter regulations regarding licensing and employees of home health agencies.

New Regulations

Governor Jerry Brown signed the Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act of 2013 into law on Sunday. Home health agencies are now facing stricter regulations in terms of hiring and monitoring their employees. Once the law takes effect, agencies will be required to conduct background checks on all workers, provide[…]