Emotional Support Animals and Seniors

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Interactive life insurance

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John Hancock of North American Life insurers is selling only interactive policies. These policies are able to track your health and fitness through wearable devices and smartphones. He is no longer selling traditional life insurance.

Interactive life insurance is well established in Britain and in South Africa and is growing in the United States. Policyholders can now receive discounts for reaching their exercise goals that are tracked through wearable devices like Fitbit or Apple Watches. When they hit their targets they can receive up to 15% discount off their premiums or get gift[…]

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Emotional Support Animals for Seniors

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Animals have been known to provide people with a wonderful companionship. Whether it’s a dog, cat, bird or fish they provide a positive impact on a person of family household. Dogs have been known to provide help not only emotionally, but also physically. Having an Emotional Support Dog (ESA) provides excellent health benefits for their owners.

If a senior is suffering from a chronic illness, depression, loneliness, or feeling isolated having an emotional support dog/animal can help with that. Doctor Thomas Schweinburg a neurologist in Ohio said, “It has been well-established that pets[…]

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