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Sales of Hybrid Long Term Care Insurance Policies Hit Record High

By |June 4, 2014|Categories: Breaking News, Buying Tips, Insurance Industry, Retirement Planning|Tags: , , |

More Americans are turning towards hybrid Long Term Care Insurance solutions to help them plan for long term care, according to a recent review conducted by LIMRA. Individual hybrid life and Long Term Care Insurance policies have seen huge growth in the past few years.

Hybrid Sales on the Rise

LIMRA released the results of their 2014 Individual Life Combination Products Annual Review and they revealed a substantial rise in the sale of hybrid Long Term Care Insurance and life insurance products. In 2013, sales of hybrid policies grew 12%, marking the 5th consecutive year of double-digit growth. Total new premiums for combination,[…]

Huffington Post Long Term Care goes Wild on Genworth

By |March 2, 2013|Categories: Breaking News|Tags: , , , , , , |

After reading a Huffington Post Long Term Care article entitled: Genworth Financial Exploits Obamacare Loophole To Charge Women More For Insurance, we had to respond to the irrational logic the journalist who wrote the piece expressed. The position of fairness she took just does not hold water with multiple other insurance products where men pay much higher rates… say Life Insurance or Auto Insurance!

Huffington Post Long Term Care Slams Genworth with Hyperbole

Here’s a bit from the Huffington Post Long Term Care article on Genworth:

Many women soon can thank Obamacare for ensuring that they won’t have to pay higher health insurance[…]