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Pennsylvania Long Term Care Commission Holds First Meeting

By |March 12, 2014|Categories: Breaking News, Government, Retirement Planning, States|Tags: , , , , |

The Pennsylvania Long Term Care Commission met for the first time last week to sort out the details of their agenda for the year.

Pennsylvania Long Term Care Commission

On Monday, March 7, the Secretary of Public Welfare Beverly Mackereth and Secretary of Aging Brian Duke met with the other 23 members. The gathering was an organizational meeting to decide future meeting dates and locations and any other necessary information before they begin their work as commissioners.

Governor Tom Corbett created the Pennsylvania Long Term Care Commission on January 31, 2014 via executive order as part of his Healthy[…]

Pennsylvania Governor Creates Long Term Care Commission

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The state of Pennsylvania is moving forward in its effort to address the growing issue of long term care. Governor Tom Corbett signed an executive order on Friday, officially creating the Pennsylvania Long Term Care Commission.

Long Term Care Commission

Several months after the original proposal of Healthy Pennsylvania, the commission will begin their work. The Healthy Pennsylvania plan was suggested to help curb the financial strain placed on the state Medicaid program and help integrate the long term care system. The plan faced heated opposition, though, mainly from Democrats who viewed it as a gutting of Medicaid. Amidst all the[…]

Long Term Care Commission Proposed in Pennsylvania

By |September 30, 2013|Categories: Breaking News, Government, Insurance Industry, Retirement Planning|Tags: , , |

A recent proposal put forth by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett includes the creation of a state appointed long term care commission to establish an integrated long term care system.

Healthy Pennsylvania tom corbett long term care commission

The plan, called “Healthy Pennsylvania”, was introduced by Governor Tom Corbett two weeks ago and has sparked controversy amidst already heated public debates about health care and long term care.

Brian Duke, the Pennsylvania Secretary of Aging, wrote an article in the Philly Burbs today in support of[…]

Long Term Care Commission Releases Recommendations Report

By |September 16, 2013|Categories: Breaking News, Government, Insurance Industry, Retirement Planning|Tags: , , |

The Long Term Care Commission released their findings Friday in a brief summary of long term care commission recommendations. The summary touches on the various issues plaguing the long term care industry and provides suggestions for reform and improvement. In the end, however, the commission was unable to fully agree on any suggestions for financing of the public’s long term care support and services.

Commission Background

As Americans worked to find ways to pay for their long term care services, the group commissioned by Congress to do the[…]