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Long-Term-Care Insurance Isn’t Dead, but Why People are Looking More Into Hybrid-Policies

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Long-term-care insurance isn’t dead, according to a 2018 Wall Street Journal article, instead it is being used as an estate-planning-tool. Today Americans are more interested in hybrid policies and these policies are reshaping the U.S. insurance industry.

When LTC insurance first came about in the 90’s, middle class Americans were insurer’s target market. Pitching policies that would hopefully save the average American from exhausting their life savings or depending on Medicaid or their children. Considering LTC insurance is important, once you hit your 50’s, but especially the costs. Waiting to buy insurance isn’t an option once you already have a debilitating[…]

Long Term Care Insurance policy trends

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Long Term Care Insurance policy trends are emerging across the industry.  The insurers are recognizing that when it comes to Long Term Care Insurance policy design, one size does not fit all when the personal preferences, financial situation and other factors are taken into account.  In order to make smart, retirement-planning decisions with regards to your Long Term Care Insurance policy, you’ll need to know what’s possible but also what will work for you and your family in preparing for you, and your spouse’s, future, long-term care needs.

Long Term Care Insurance policy trends