retirement resolution

Retirement Resolutions for 2014

Surveys continue to show that Americans simply aren’t prepared for retirement. We don’t have enough saved and most of us aren’t even sure just how much we should be saving. This presents a real problem, especially as the huge population of Baby Boomers is on the...
long term care

Is Self-Insuring for Long Term Care the Way to Go?

People tend to avoid discussing subjects like disability, old age, and long term care as much as possible. Sometimes, even to a point of detriment. Brushing off the need for long term care coverage for the alternative plan of self-insuring is one situation that is often the...
long term care

Now Is the Time to Talk Long Term Care With Your Aging Parents

A recent MarketWatch article discusses one of the biggest obstacles that people encounter when dealing with the long term care of a loved one, specifically a parent. Understanding their financial standing and what types of savings they have will better help you address their...
health care costs in retirement

Planning for Unexpected Health Care Costs in Retirement

How would your portfolio fare if you were faced with a large unexpected health expense during retirement? Retirement Care In an age of climbing healthcare costs, preparing for that possibility is one of the most crucial aspects of retirement planning. If a serious medical...
mac users pay more than pc

Study: Mac Users Pay More than PC Users

As the newest iPhones fly off the shelves at record pace, the iconic tech company is likely reveling in the success of another one of their many successful ventures in recent history. The record-breaking sales are a reminder of the interesting data fact that Mac users have been...
reasons to buy long term care insurance

Top 3 Reasons to Buy Long Term Care Insurance

Long term care insurance helps pay for a number of different services like care received in a nursing home, assisted living facility, or even at home. The government estimates that 1 in 2 Americans will need long term care at some point, so planning early can help save you money...
transamerica long term care insurance

Transamerica’s Newest Long Term Care Insurance Product Available for Sale

Transamerica’s newest Long Term Care Insurance product, Trans Care III, is now available in all 36 interstate compact states across the US. Opportunity for Solutions  Long term care planning is an important component of preparing for retirement and despite the market concerns...
blue chip long term care insurance

A Better Way to Buy Long Term Care Insurance

We’ve all heard some variation of this story: after years of paying premiums on time, someone files a claim with their insurance company, only to be denied benefits and cheated out of the coverage they deserve. No matter what type of insurance, this has happened to consumers, and...
long term care technology

New Tablet Helps Seniors Manage Health and Communicate with Family

A button-free tablet designed specifically for seniors was recently introduced by a healthcare company. The tablet is meant to help users manage their health regimen and keep in contact with family members. Interface and Communication Claris Healthcare released the tablet last...
john hancock long term care partnership

John Hancock Makes Adjustments to State Partnership Long Term Care Insurance Products

John Hancock has announced the discontinuation of the sale of its California Partnership Long Term Care Insurance product, effective Monday, September 16. Strict Regulations and Low Sales in California The company described the move as a “difficult decision” based on “continued...
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