video game improve memory

New Study Suggests Video Games May Improve Cognitive Skills

A video game designed by researchers may help improve cognitive skills and enhance memory, according to a new study. Results of the study, published yesterday in the journal Nature, showed that seniors who played a game called NeuroRacer showed marked improvements in certain...
long term health benefits of sleep

5 Reasons to Get More Sleep Tonight

A good night’s sleep does a lot more good than just keeping your eyes open for work the next morning. In addition to helping your body ward off the common cold and your brain function better, adequate sleep affects your mental and physical condition in a number of different...

Why You Won’t Regret That Run

Worried you don’t have time for a run? Stop worrying, go exercise! A recent study found that exercise holds the ability to reduce anxiety by calming certain nerve cells in the brain. Exercise Creates Brain Cells  Researchers at Princeton University recently dug deeper into...
long term care alzheimer's caregiver

National Alzheimer’s Plan Updated to Include Assisted Living in Long Term Care

The Department of Health and Human Services recently made adjustments to the National Plan to Address Alzheimer’s Disease. These adjustments are part of an effort to understand the importance of caregiving for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients within assisted living...
meatless monday

Meatless Monday: How One Day Makes a Difference

Meatless Monday is a movement across the nation that encourages people to cut out meat from their diet for just one day a week. Meatless Monday aims to improve your health through your diet – give it a try! Why Meatless? Meatless Monday is a non-profit initiative of The...
vegetarians live longer

Is It True Vegetarians Live Longer?

According to a new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, vegetarians live longer lives than meat eaters. But is it really because they don’t eat meat? Expansive, Long Term Study Numerous studies have shown links between a vegetarian diet and a healthier, longer life....
avoid disease exercise

Avoid These 3 Diseases Through Exercise

Exercise is good for you. There is no doubt about that. Exercising regularly is even better for you. According to the CDC, only 30.7% of American adults engage in physical activity frequent enough to be considered a “regular” activity. Some other important numbers in...
national senior health

Wednesday is National Senior Health & Fitness Day

The last Wednesday of every May marks National Senior Health & Fitness Day in the United States. Tomorrow, May 29th is the annual holiday for 2013, at the end of Older Americans Month. Nationwide Activities  Senior centers, nursing homes, gyms, and other community...
alzheimers research

New Alzheimer’s Research Pinpoints Disease Trigger

Alzheimer’s research studies are widespread, but very few have led to any major breakthroughs in recent years. Cambridge Study Identifies Catalyst Researchers at Cambridge University published a study on Monday that was able to identify the process that turns healthy cells...

4 Easy Ways to Stay Active at Work

Americans seem to be more and more over-scheduled every year.  We cram our calendars full of work and then wonder why we continue to gain so much weight. It isn’t difficult to see the causes, if you pause and take a look. With sedentary lifestyle on the increase and manual...
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