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  • Rapid Growth For Care In Nursing Homes

A Rapid Growth For Care In Nursing Homes

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In the United States today, over 1.5 million people live in nursing homes and around 10 million use some type of long term care. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by the year 2050 the numbers are expected to double.

America is becoming overpopulated by seniors who are needing some type of long term care or need to be in a nursing home for assistance. There are currently around 2 million people who work in the home health aide for seniors today. It is becoming the number one growth job[…]

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  • States for Nursing Homes

10 Best States for Nursing Homes

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Finding a nursing home for a loved one can be overwhelming. You want to make sure that they are taken care of and are in great hands. Looking for a quality nursing home takes time and quite a bit of research. 

It’s important when researching different facilities that you take a tour, meet with directors and read reviews about the different nursing homes. It’s ok to ask a lot of questions when you are there. Picking out a nursing home for your loved one can have a tremendous impact on their life. Hopefully[…]

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Bullying in Nursing Homes

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According to a recent study at Arizona State University, 20% of residents in nursing homes are being bullied by other residents. Not only do these seniors have to deal with the everyday struggles of aging, but they have to worry and live in a state of fear or depression from being bullied by peers.

There are many ways that senior bullying manifests and that’s through physical abuse, emotional and verbal abuse, as well as social excluding. This can happen whenever seniors are asked to share small spaces or to include others in[…]

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Nursing homes prepare for Florence

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In less that 24 hours Hurricane Florence will make impact to the shores of the Carolinas. Officials have put out a state wide mandatory evacuation urging communities to leave the area. A nursing home in Myrtle Beach South Carolina started preparations for the hurricane last week and has their windows up and boarded. Many patients have already been picked up by family members while others were moved to another location in Columbia.


Many nursing homes across the Carolinas began reaching out to family members and started preparations for moving patients to different facilities.[…]

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Nursing Home Ownership Shifting Over Time

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Nursing homes in America are changing. Besides become more technologically equipped and altering their approach to care to a more person-centered method, nursing homes are experiencing a shift in ownership, from government and non-profit towards for-profit.

Changing Ownership

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services regularly publishes a Nursing Home Data Compendium that evaluates the new data and information surrounding nursing homes in the United States and provides information as to how the picture is changing. Included in the 2012 compendium are several charts that display the changes that are occurring in the long term care industry amongst nursing homes. One of[…]

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Minnesota Nursing Home Workers Get Pay Raise in Budget Bill

By |May 9, 2013|Categories: Government, Medicare, Retirement Planning|Tags: , , , , |

A budget bill passed in the Minnesota House of Representatives proposes a 3% raise for employees at Minnesota nursing homes.

Budget Disagreements in the House Minnesota Nursing Homes Discussed in Budget Bill

The bill addresses the $11.2 billion budget of general funds being appropriated for Health and Human Services programs. The omnibus bill, which passed in the House with a vote of 70 to 64, would reduce the overall HHS budget by $150 million over the next two years.

Heavy debate was placed on this topic, with members of both parties fighting over whether[…]

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