American Stroke Association Advocates Long Term Care Access for All Stroke Patients

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A policy statement released by the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association emphasized the importance of an integrated stroke system, which includes access to long term care services for all stroke patients.

Key Components

long term care stroke patientsThe 25 page policy recommendation was released last week and includes key concepts and components of a modern stroke system. The document emphasizes integration and coordination of the various phases of stroke care in order to create a better functioning stroke system.

Dr. Higashida, co-chair of the writing group, explained that the suggested concepts are meant[…]

Minnesota Nursing Home Workers Get Pay Raise in Budget Bill

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A budget bill passed in the Minnesota House of Representatives proposes a 3% raise for employees at Minnesota nursing homes.

Budget Disagreements in the House Minnesota Nursing Homes Discussed in Budget Bill

The bill addresses the $11.2 billion budget of general funds being appropriated for Health and Human Services programs. The omnibus bill, which passed in the House with a vote of 70 to 64, would reduce the overall HHS budget by $150 million over the next two years.

Heavy debate was placed on this topic, with members of both parties fighting over whether[…]

US Nursing Home Long Term Care Improving, According to Report

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According to a recent report, US nursing home long term care, post-acute care, and rehabilitative care quality in the United States have all showed steady progress in improving long and short stay quality indicators.

The report, released by the Alliance for Quality Nursing Home Care (AQNHC), was compiled using data analysis from PointRight, a national long-term care analytics firm. Quality of care was analyzed by using the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) quality measuring standards.

Most Areas Show Improvement

Nursing homes, also known as skilled nursing facilities or SNFs, improved in all four CMS measures utilized for short stay[…]

Recent Studies Show Americans Uninformed About Long Term Care Insurance

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A recent study released by AP portrays a staggering lack of preparedness by Americans age 40 and up in the case of Long Term Care Insurance options.

The Rising Need for Long Term Care

Long Term Care is still one of the least popular insurance policies in the nation; only 1 in 10 seniors currently have Long Term Care Insurance. This statistic is shocking because, according to a government study for people 65 years and above, 1 in 2 Americans and 7 in 10 seniors will need Long Term Care at some point. long term care[...]

Medicare Spared ACA Cuts, CMS letter says

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A letter released Tuesday by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) dispelled concerns that ACA-mandated Medicare cuts would go into effect this year.

According to the letter, the CMS Chief Actuary is required to calculate the projected 5 year growth rate of per capita cost and spending for Medicare. It must then be determine dwhether or not the growth rate falls within a specified range. The projected growth rates are based upon the medical category of the Consumer Price Index. If the projected growth rate does not fall within the target range, a “savings target” will be implemented and Medicare[…]