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  • Review of Shared Care

Review of Shared Care

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To share Long Term Care Insurance benefits, or not to share the benefits?   Your decision will ultimately have to be made by you, but this is a review of the details to help you make an informed decision.

The Shared Care rider adds around 15% to your total plan cost, and gives you the ability to use your spouse’s benefits in the event you use up your benefits and still need care.  Nine out of ten Long Term Care claims will last for three years or less.  If you are strictly playing the odds, you could probably get[…]

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  • Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance Benefits

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Most Long Term Care Insurance benefits can vary from one company to the next, but most all current plans have virtually the same core Long Term Care Insurance benefits.  However, some of the fine details can differ so we will go over some of those differences below.

Home Health Care

The top ten Long Term Care Insurance plans all offer 100% of your benefits for home health care.  However, many group Long Term Care plans you might buy at work do not offer 100%.  Often the group Long Term Care Insurance plans will reduce your home care benefits to 50-75% whereas a[…]

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  • New Options

New Options in Long Term Care Insurance Policies

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If you or your spouse haven’t already taken the important step of purchasing a Long Term Care Insurance policy to prepare for your future, long-term care needs, then there’s never been a better time to buy.  Prices are continuing to rise so it’s best to lock-in the best deal you can now in order to see the benefit down the road.  Also, as a recent article notes, there are now more options in Long Term Care Insurance policies that make this type of coverage even more attractive and critical to any sound financial or retirement plan aimed at delivering[…]

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