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Avoid These 3 Diseases Through Exercise

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Exercise is good for you. There is no doubt about that. Exercising regularly is even better for you. According to the CDC, only 30.7% of American adults engage in physical activity frequent enough to be considered a “regular” activity.

Some other important numbers in terms of health in the United States include the 10% of American adults who are depressed and 35% of American adults who are obese. Adding more exercise to your daily routine can help you avoid joining those statistics and keep your body strong and healthy!

avoid disease exerciseDepression

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Link Between Obesity and Long Term Care

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More than 1/3 of adults in the United States are considered obese. This staggering number has led to a number of studies regarding obesity and the effects it has on society. The studies found that in middle aged individuals, obesity is a risk factor for predicting future nursing home admission.

In order to understand the huge threat that obesity poses to our nation, we must understand who in the United States is obese and what effects obesity has on our health.

Obesity in Children obesity long term care

According to the CDC, childhood obesity[…]

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